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When you download free casino games you'll find the games to be packed with character, from sleek and classy to flashy and fun. Some let you win often but pay out small, while others are chancier with huge jackpots and big wins. Either way, no two are exactly alike when you download free casino games. This means that the game you choose to play will have a big impact on your experience at the tables. To get the most out of these great free casino downloads, you will want to find out what games you like the best. However, with so many different options, finding your favorite games can be difficult. This page can serve as a guide by explaining a bit about all the most popular game types, but the only way to find your true favorite is to try them all!

Individual casinos might have special variations, but these staple games can be found almost anywhere. Below is a summary of the following popular games: Blackjack, Baccarat, Bingo, Craps, Keno, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, and Pachinko. Games 100% First Deposit Match up to $200! DOWNLOAD HERE!
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Of all the games in Vegas, Blackjack has among the best odds. It is also one of the most popular. The game is easy to learn, possible to master, and exciting to play. Unlike many other games, Blackjack actually requires decisions and strategy based on the information a player has available. The rules are simple: hold a better hand than the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over. With a little research and thought, a good player can develop an optimal strategy.

Blackjack is an exciting game because it is filled with cliffhanger cards and directly pits a player against the dealer. Often, you will find yourself waiting to see a hit-or-miss card with a big bet on the line, or praying for the dealer to bust against a weak hand. Nearly every download casino has a version of classic Blackjack. It is a great game that needs no variations or special effects to stay fresh.


Baccarat is the choice of James Bond (except in the Casino Royale movie) for a reason. It is a classic, ancient game based on luck that frequently attracts high rollers and serious gamblers. In this game, a gambler bets on one of three possible results: Player, Banker, or Tie. Player and Banker are just options, not actual people, and do not refer to the casino customer or the house. In this game, cards have point values that are added up. Then, the tens digit is removed and the hand with the higher ones digit wins. There are different variations of rules, so be sure you understand them before you play.

Baccarat does not have as good odds as some other games. "Player" or "Banker" are not bad, but betting on "Tie" gives a huge advantage to the house. However, it is a classy game of chance and a staple of many casinos.


Bingo might carry the image of old ladies stamping cards while they talk about their grandkids, but online bingo is an entirely different atmosphere. The game has evolved into a fun, action-packed experience that is constantly producing innovative new ways to play. On many sites, bingo has become a social craze with close communities and online friendships.

Bingo sites come in lots of different shapes and sizes, with different demographics, game types, and styles. Nearly all of them have the classic 75 Ball, 80 Ball and 90 Ball varieties, which use a random generator to fill out cards and form lines, but the similarities stop there. The look and feel of the different leading bingo sites is completely different, and some have huge progressive jackpots and great special promotions. Many of these sites also feature online casinos as well, with regular casino games. Check out the different options out there and see how far the game of Bingo has come!


Two dice and good luck are all you need to win at craps, a game where players bet on the outcome of a roll or a series of rolls. The rules take some time to learn, and the game can be overwhelming at first because there are so many different options to bet on. However, craps is worth learning because it is one of the most exciting and energetic games you can play and offers some of the best odds at any casino. Check out a guide on craps for the full rules.


Keno is a game for players who want to win big. It is a lottery-style game played in online casinos everywhere that has the potential for huge payouts. Playing is easy, just pick up to fifteen numbers from a board between 1 and 80. After betting, 20 numbers are randomly selected, and the more you hit, the more you win. Your odds are not as good in Keno as in other games, but the potential payout is so big that for people who want a real gamble, Keno might be the best bet.


Roulette is another classic game of chance, but unlike craps is easy to learn. Also unlike blackjack or Baccarat, it also gives you the chance to hit a big win, with payouts up to 35 to 1. Playing Roulette is simple, just choose a bet pattern you like and let the ball roll. You can choose single numbers, colors, odds, evens, lows, highs, and other sets of numbers. The odds generally stay the same so you when you bet just go with your gut. Nearly every free online casino has some variation on roulette, some with 3-D tables and balls or flashy themes.


No casino game has the variety you will find when you play slots. There are literally thousands of different video machines with all sorts of different styles and themes. Every year slots becomes more popular because there are so many different kinds of machines to try and often a large jackpot to win. Playing is easy - you choose the size of your bet and the number of lines you want to bet on. Adding more lines won't change your odds, so the number of lines is entirely your preference. The bigger the bet, the bigger the payoff, and you can win multiple lines with every spin.

Slots is such a popular game because it is so well suited to the free online casino format. The experience of playing slots online is so similar to that of playing in Las Vegas that many prefer playing from the comfort of their own homes. With all the different varieties, most with flashy graphics, colors, and sound, slots could be the most fun you can have playing casino games online. However, it is not a game for players who like to plan and choose actions because it has no strategy involved at all.

Video Poker

Video Poker began as a way to play classic 5 Card Draw without the stress and pressure of having to play real opponents. Here, instead of sitting at a table with other players, you just go for the best hand you can and rake in big payouts if you get a big hand. Online, there are forms of Video Poker for every form of poker: Texas Hold'Em, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud, Omaha Hold'Em, etc, and even some fun forms that only exist in a casino format like Pai-Gow Poker.

Video Poker has all the elements of a good casino game: some strategy, the chance for a big win, lots of variation, and the excitement of waiting to see the next card. It is no wonder that so many people choose Video Poker as their game of choice.


Pachinko is a game that is extremely popular in Asia that looks like a pinball machine with dozens of tiny balls. Online, casinos use software with realistic physics engines to bring the action of this entertaining and offbeat game into a digital format. Not all casinos have these games, and some do not name them as "Pachinko," but you will know when you are playing it. To play, you buy a bunch of tiny balls and drop them into a chute at the top of a vertical board. They fall, hitting objects on the way down. Some of these objects are nets or chutes which capture the balls and the others are pinball-like obstacles that often make noises or knock balls away. Balls that are captured in nets pay out depending on the prize set for that spot, while balls that fall to the bottom pay nothing. The harder a net is to hit, the bigger its reward.

Pachinko is a less popular game in the West, but is a blast to play. In Asia, it is the game of choice for millions, and might be your favorite game to play online.

Download Free Casino Games today and find some that you like. The possibilities are really endless!